Volunteer Credits

Note: We are now tracking Volunteer Credits via Airtable. We are no longer using paper credit cards.

Earning Credits

Volunteer Credits are earned in two manners:

  1. By signing up for a shift on SignUp Genius
  2. By volunteering as a lead or highly active member of a team.

Volunteer Credits are worth $10. The credits are maintained digitally, by SPP.

When you use SignUp Genius, then you either:

  1. Get into the event that you volunteered for free (if your volunteering does not get in the way of experiencing the event). OR
  2. Pay for the event and earn a volunteer credit OR
  3. If volunteering means that you did not get to enjoy the event because you were busy helping, you earn a volunteer credit.

In other words: No double dipping- one cannot attend the event fully AND earn a volunteer credit.

You must complete the entirety of your shift to earn the credit.

Using Credits

Since credits are stored digitally, you only need to ask at check-in that you want to use your credits to pay for the event.

We want people to use your credits! Or give them away for someone else to use!

Other than SPP Core Classes, Signature Events, and Socials, the event organizer has the right to determine if there is a limit to the volunteer credits accepted.

Special events, such as Polytopia or a presenter who is brought in, may not accept volunteer credits.

Event Facilitator Instructions

When you facilitate an event, the following is the system to use when people use their credits.

  1. The Volunteer checking people needs to open Volunteer Tracker from any web browser on a PC or mobile device.
  2. You can find the link for this:
    • Pinned to the SPP Slack Channel #events-noticeboard.
    • Reaching out to SPP Volunteer on Meetup to ask for the link.
  3. The tracker is in alphabetical order and allows you to verify volunteer credits.
  4. When someone uses a credit, the event facilitator should indicate the usage of such when filling out the Host Completion Form.
    • Please list all the names of people using credits.
  5. Volunteer credits can be shared, meaning one person can give their credits to someone else to use at that event, if they have enough.
    • Indicate that on the Host Completion Form a well.
  6. When someone earns a volunteer credit, the event host should message SPP Volunteer on Meetup or Slack. The credit tracker will be updated within a week of form submission.
  7. The Volunteer Leads will update the Tracker at least monthly. The tracker is not editable by volunteers or event hosts to ensure consistency of credits.
    • Credits that are earned by being an active member of a team are automatically added to Airtable on the 1st day of the month. Please message SPP Volunteer if you don’t see your recurring credits being reflected after that time.

If you have any questions about this process, please message SPP Volunteer.