Volunteer Credits

Volunteering is at the heart of SPP. Helping to make events accessible to as many members as possible is too.

Download and print this volunteer card to track your credits.

Generally, here are good ways to look at volunteering within SPP and to use this card.

  1. If you volunteer at an event, before or after, and also get the full experience of the event in such a way that your volunteering does not cut into your full enjoyment and participation, then the event itself for free or reduced rate is your reward for volunteering. Example - doing set up and being done by the start of the event.
  2. If your volunteering means that you did not get to fully experience the event because you were busy helping, this is the kind of volunteering to collect a volunteer credit for. Example: Sitting outside the event welcoming in late participants while the event is going on, doing food service during an event, being the event facilitator.
  3. Each V checked off on your credit card is a volunteer credit ready to use. Each EC signed is an indication that that credit has been used at an event. Show your card to the facilitator of the event you get credit at so they can initial the V and to the check in person at the event you want to use credit at so they can initial the EC next to each V being used.
  4. Please be prepared to be flexible about redeeming your credit. Not all events can allow credit to attend (if the costs of running the event are high) or allow everyone who would like to use credit to attend (if too many people attending that way means the event can't break even). It is the facilitator's choice whether or not they take credit and how many. Some facilitators post this info on events but not all do. When in doubt, message the facilitator of the event to ask.
  5. Events that cost more than $20 to attend will ask for two volunteer credits to attend for free not just one.
  6. There is always room for improvement in SPP so share your suggestions and observations with leadership if you see ways this system can be better.
  7. Volunteer credits are meant both to reward volunteers and to help make events more accessible to all. If you are someone who has time to volunteer and also the funds to pay your way at events, consider gifting your earned credits to someone for whom both time and money are tight.