Timeline: Events are created in the Calendar 3 months ahead of time

Every month the Calendar Team (CT) meets to work on the events held into drafts.

The meeting is listed in the Calendar so that you know when to get it into drafts.

  1. 3 months ahead - events left in drafts will be reviewed by CT at the monthly meeting.
    1. If your event is 3 months away, you can expect a response from the Calendar Team within a week of the Calendar Team’s meeting.
  2. 2 months ahead- leave event in drafts and* *
    1. notify CT through #events-calendar channel if the Calendar Team has already met this month. Someone will be in contact within 1 week of notification.
    2. Notify the Volunteer Lead about any Volunteer assistance you need.
  3. For the upcoming month *- leave in drafts and *notify CT through the Slack channel #events-calendar. Your event is not guaranteed to be placed. Someone will be in touch with you within 48 hours.
    1. You are responsible for obtaining your own volunteers if SUG has already been created.
  4. Less than a month away *- *Notify CT at #events-calendar. The chances of your event being made live are greatly reduced.
    1. You are responsible for obtaining your own volunteers