Sponsors: Who, What, Why and How

General Questions

Quick links:

Let us know your sponsor! (the L2 completes this prior to the event to indicate who will be their sponsor)

Sponsor Feedback (the L3 or L4 sponsor completes this after the event to submit information to the Sponsor Lead)

What’s the point of sponsorship?

Sponsor relationships help us get to know each other and build community. Leveling up isn’t just about understanding boundaries and consent, it is also about connecting to the SPP community. Sponsorship help connect newer and long-term members and provides an opportunity to build the culture and community of SPP.

How does the sponsorship process work?

  • Any L2 member wishing to level up to L3 begins by RSVPing to an L2/L3 event and is initially placed on the waitlist.
  • The L2 member searches for a sponsor, then fills out the sponsor RSVP form. The event hosts clears the recorded sponsor-sponsee team off the waitlist.
  • After the event, the sponsor fills out the Sponsor Feedback form for their L2 sponsee.
  • After attending at least two sponsored events, the Membership Team reviews sponsor feedback and evaluates if the L2 member is ready to move to L3.

Sponsee Questions

How do I get a sponsor?

It is your responsibility to find a sponsor for an upcoming L2-L3 event. You can visit the Sponsor RSVP form and look through the list of already approved sponsors. Maybe one of them will be at your event, if so, send them a message and see if they are available to sponsor you.

Also, think about some of the L3 or L4 people you met at L1 and L2 events. See if one of them is going to your event and available to sponsor you. Even if they are not yet on the sponsor list, they can usually get approved as a new sponsor and added to the list prior to the event.

I found a sponsor, do I need to do anything else?

Yes. You need to let Sponsor Lead know about your sponsor by out the Sponsor RSVP form at least one day prior to the event. Simply posting on the event page is not enough. If we don’t hear from you, we can’t pass the information on to the host and the host will be un-RSVPed you from the event. Even if the host didn’t RSVP you, bypassing the Sponsor RSVP form you will not get sponsor feedback credit for the event.

I can’t find a sponsor. Can I go anyway?

No, not if you are at L2 going to an L3 event. If the event you want to attend is a progressive L2-L3 event, you can attend and stay for the L2 portion. If you have trouble finding a sponsor, feel free to reach out to SPP Sponsor on Meetup and we will try to help.

My sponsor cancelled. Can you help me find a new one?

First, visit the Sponsor RSVP form and take a look at the approved sponsors on the dropdown menu. You may be able to find a new sponsor on that list. If that doesn’t work, see if there are any L3 or L4 people you know who could become a new sponsor. If you’re still without a sponsor, send a message to the event host and/or SPP Sponsor on Meetup. We’ll do our best to help. Keep in mind, though, that we are a volunteer run group and can’t always get to things as quickly as we would like.

I’ve been sex-positive forever, can I skip the sponsor thing?

The leveling process is the same for everyone, regardless of their level of experience. Our leveling system also allows newcomers to get to know the community better, whether the newcomer is also new to sex positivity or totally sexperienced. Leveling up isn’t just about understanding boundaries and consent, it is also about connecting to the SPP community. By the time someone is leveling up to L3, they should have met new people at L1 and L2 events who they’ll be happy to see at L3 events and beyond.

If you find yourself at an L1 or L2 event wishing you were already leveled up, take the opportunity to welcome folks new to sex positivity and enjoy the opportunity to be role model for them.

Why am I still not leveled up yet?

Attending two L3 events with a sponsor is the minimum requirement for someone to level up, but in general we encourage people to attend more than two sponsored events. Leveling up isn’t just about understanding boundaries and consent, it is also about connecting to the SPP community. Sometimes we want someone to attend more events with a sponsor because they are struggling with expressing and honoring boundaries and consent, but more often we just want folks to get more connected with the wider SPP community before moving to L3.

In addition, you may not have received credit for all of the events you attended with a sponsor. Did you fill out the Sponsor RSVP form before your L3 events? If not, you may have attended the event but didn’t get credit for it. Also, we may not have received feedback from one of more of your sponsors. Feel free to check in with SPP Sponsor on Meetup and we’ll take a look.

What is a sponsor and what do they do?

Sponsors are committee assistants. They attend events representing the Membership Committee to vet members, act as ambassadors, and help promote SPP.

Sponsors communicate with Sponsor Lead about the fit of members wishing to leveling up from L2 to L3. They attend L2/L3 events with an L2 sponsee, are available to offer support and answer their sponsee’s questions. After an event they provide feedback to the Membership Sponsor Lead.

How do I become a sponsor?

Any L3/L4 in good standing can become a sponsor once approved by Sponsor Lead. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please communicate with Sponsor Lead (message SPP Sponsor on Meetup).

Can I sponsor my lover or partner?

No, you cannot. Sexual involvement between sponsor and "sponsee" is not acceptable.

But, what if things get juicy...?

So you’re sponsoring this person at this event and it turns out you’re totally into each other... You know we said “no sexual involvement between sponsor and sponsee” but, well...

We’re all about sex positivity and celebrate new mutual connections! Here’s what you can do: if you and your sponsee suddenly each have the hots for one another, just ask another sponsor at the event to take over your sponsor responsibilities! Then you can end your sponsor-sponsee relationship right there and pursue whatever way of connecting feels right to both of you.

Can I sponsor two or more people at an event?

No, each sponsor can only have one sponsee per event.

I’m hosting an event, can I also sponsor someone?

No, event hosts cannot be sponsors at their own events.

Can I sponsor the same L2 person for all of their events?

We want members to experience a range of connections so we ask sponsors to only be someone’s sponsor for a specific event, then let someone else become their sponsor for the next event. That way we get different perspectives and more people get to know each other.

If I become a sponsor, how often do I have to sponsor people?

You can say “no” to any sponsoring request. If you don’t feel comfortable sponsoring someone or just don’t feel up to it, don’t sponsor them. Approval just means that you can act as a sponsor, it doesn’t obligate you agree to sponsoring requests.

I’m a new sponsor, now what do I do?

Before an event, have your sponsee fill out the Sponsor RSVP form. Your name should be on the sponsor list now, if it isn’t, send us a message at SPP Sponsor on Meetup and we’ll fix it.

Either you or your sponsee also need to let the event host know about the sponsorship.

If possible, make arrangements to meet up and chat with your sponsee during the social time before the event.

During the event, ask yourself the following questions about your sponsee:

  • Do they understand the broader context of sex-positivity and are on board with acceptance, non-judgment, care, confidentiality and consent (would they be a good SPP citizen?)
  • Are they good with their own boundaries?
  • Are they good with other’s boundaries?
  • Have they made connections in the group so they’ll have people who are happy to see them at an L3 event?
  • Are there people who would want to interact with them at that level? (We want to make sure people don’t come and feel isolated, nor sitting on the sidelines looking lonely, as that makes the rest of us feel we need to take care of them.)
  • How do they integrate into the group? Watch how they handle interaction. (If you bring them to an L3 and you see that they are totally dependent on you for their sensual/social interaction, they’re not ready to be moved up.)
  • Would you take pride knowing that this person is at an L3 event because of your efforts?

Check in with your sponsee after the event and talk to them about any questions of concerns they have and share feedback you have for them.

Finally, submit your sponsor feedback to Membership Sponsor Lead via the Sponsor Feedback form.

Where do I submit my sponsor feedback?

You can submit sponsor feedback via the Sponsor Feedback form. If you’re having trouble with the form or have any questions for us, you can also message Sponsor Lead at SPP Sponsor on Meetup.