How to get an event posted on the SPP Calendar

1. Join the SPP Slack Workspace

Join SPP Slack by going to this link: Join SPP Slack Group

Add yourself to the following Slack channels: #events-submissions and #events-announcements.

2. Receive the Event Organizer Role

Ask Programming Director or Executive Director to make you a Meetup Event Organizer, if you are not already.

3. Find a Date for Event

Find a date on the SPP Calendar and in Drafts, to make sure that the date you want does not have an event at the location or time that you desire.

Different events can occur at the same time, but if they draw from the same group of people, then it may not be approved.

4. Create a Draft Event

In Meetup, start a new SPP event with the following details:

  1. Title: 80 character limit
    1. Label the event according to type (Workshop, Discussion, Outing, Member Interest Group (MIG))
    2. Title of event
    3. Level of event
    4. If nonmembers are included, must be labeled "Public" or “Open”
  2. Description of event: 50,000 character limit
    1. If there is a sliding scale it goes at the top of the event description
    2. What the event is about
    3. What to expect at the event
    4. Timeline that is expected
    5. Any restrictions on the space (accessibility, allergy concerns)
    6. Restrictions on who can attend (qualifications, classes you need to have taken already, if you need a partner)
    7. If it's an leveling-up event: include standard language about sponsors
    8. If there will be wait-listing before people can be added - mention this and why
    9. If there is a minimum attendance for the event (cancellation policy)
  3. Optional Settings
    1. Repeat Event: Do NOT use
    2. Ask Member A Question: To use if you want to know something specific about a member such as level or sponsor
    3. Attendee Limit:
      1. Can use to create a Waitlist.
        1. Set the attendee limit to the host number only.
        2. Everyone who RSVP yes, will be placed on the waitlist until you take them off.
      2. Use to limit attendee numbers.
        1. Events at the Center can comfortably hold 30.
        2. Adjust for 5-10% no show rates
    4. Allow Guests: If it is approved to have non-members attend the event.
    5. RSVP start and end time: Do not use
    6. Event Fee: Method to chose is Cash
  4. Event Fee: See the Event Fees table below
  5. Event Policies
    • Outside Presenters- To be determined by Programming Director
    • No SPP classes or workshops costing more than $50
    • SPW events may not follow this cost format
  6. Volunteer Credits. See information about Volunteer Credits below.
  7. *SAVE THE EVENT INTO DRAFTS. Do not make it live. *
    • If you accidently hit PUBLISH, then
      1. Make a copy, update the date & time
      2. Put the copy into drafts.
      3. Delete the published event

Event Fees

Event Type Fee
Membership Interest Groups (MIG) free - $10
Cuddles $10 - $15 sliding scale
Discussion Groups (book, relationship) $5-10
Kink Core Classes $10
Kink Events $15
Parties-Private to members $20-25
Special Classes (Sexual Health, Poly, Jealousy) $10 60 min class, $15 90 min class, $20 120 min class
Workshops (anything >2.5hrs) $15-50

Volunteer Credits

Event Volunteer Credits are $10

In order to make SPP accessible to everyone, acceptance of Volunteer Credits are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. We are a community, not a source of income. Copying a previous event can be done. Please make sure the date and time is updated.