Levels 1-4 Explained

SexPositive Portland events are coded Levels 1 through 4.

The posted level for an event indicates the maximum level of activity that may take place at that event. This is to ensure that you never attend an event with activities that exceed your comfort zone. Also, know that you will not be allowed to attend events above the level you have been approved for (to learn how to move from one level to the next, see How To Level Up.

Rest assured, you will NEVER be expected to do anything that is not a “Hell Yes!” for you, no matter what level event you attend, no matter what anyone else is doing, and no matter what you may have done previously with any particular person. No means no, and all activity must be fully consensual.

Level 1 - Social/Educational

You will start at L1 and can attend any events that are designated L1. We encourage you to attend many L1 events in the beginning in order to get a feel for the group, meet people you like and who like you, create trust, and build new relationships with your fellow members. Events are open to all members and non-members alike. Feel free to bring friends, family and co-workers. Come to as many L1 events as you can to make friends and learn about our organization.

L1 events include workshops, classes, wine or coffee socials, plays, outings to shows, etc. A greeting hug is the most physical contact you can have at this event.

After you're first accepted into SPP, you have 60 days to pay your annual dues. Payment of dues are required for becoming L1.

Level 2 - Sensual

This level is all about getting touch needs met in a platonic and playful context. Sadly, the vast majority of people never receive the amount of nurturing and affectionate touch that is needed to keep them happy and healthy, and/or touch that is free of a sexuality agenda.

L2 events often include snuggle parties, experiential workshops, and massage trades. You cannot bring friends who are not L2 or above members. To be at this level you must have attended a Social, and have completed Orientation, Awesome Boundaries, and STARS classes. After these core classes are completed and your dues are paid, as an L2, you should be able to recognize and understand your own comfort level, show effective demonstration of your boundaries, and have a knowledge of your wants, needs and desires. You should be starting to use and further developing your sexual safety talk (STARS).

Exception: the event host or facilitator has the authority to approve a guest under certain circumstances.

Level 3 - Sexy!

At L3, you will be playing in sexual energy and getting really excited - but not engaging in penetrative sex or intentional orgasms. This level presents great opportunities to practice consent and communication; to recognize, respect and express boundaries; to explore things you are curious about in a safe environment; and to delve deeply into what moves you. Feel we're leaving this a bit vague? Well, we are.

Level 3 events are very special events where deep connection and incredible fun is possible. Therefore, they are a privilege which we reserve for members who have paid their dues and are active in the community. The Event Host and/or Leadership (volunteers who take their job of keeping members safe and keeping the group awesome) have the responsibility and final decision on whether a member can attend an event, and may refuse inclusion in activities, even IF the member has the proper designation next to their name. This is seldom the case, but we reserve the right to do this.

During the posted hours for an event, members must agree to not engage in any activity that exceeds the stated level of the event. The event host and/or facilitator acts as monitor to assure this, but your participation is needed.

Please be aware that if you attend member-hosted events or events that are cross-posted (e.g., posted on more than one Meetup group board or on Facebook), SPP cannot ensure the quality of your experience or the caliber of other attendees. For instance, if you go to a public place or private party where some of our members are meeting, do not expect that the same Care, Consent, Confidentiality, or Level system will apply.

Finally, please note that it's your responsibility to pay attention to levels and to not attend anything that would be too much of a stretch for you or your relationships.

Level 4 - Deeper Community

This level is for members who are deeply embedded into our SPP community and is granted on a case by case basis. For more information about events at this level please attend an Orientation or contact Leadership.

Now that you understand our Level system - go have fun!