Leveling Up Checklist

The requirements for leveling up are explained in "Levels 1-4 Explained." But let’s be honest... nothing beats a good old fashioned checklist when you’re working to plan and navigate your path. Do not fear the requirements; fellow members and leadership are here to help you navigate the process and achieve your goals.

Download a printable check list here!


Social/Educational L1 events are open to members and non-members alike.

To be considered L1:

  • Show up to an open public or L1 event
  • Pay dues


Sensual events

To move to L2 you must complete:

  • Be current on your dues
  • Awesome Boundaries class
  • One Social (any inclusive event >15 people called “Social”)
  • Orientation
  • STARS class
  • Recommend: One other event designated L1. This can be an educational class or a discussion group.


Sexy events!

To move to L3 you must complete:

  • Be current on your dues
  • Attend at least two L3 events with a sponsor. (See calendar for which L3 events allow L2s with sponsors.)
  • Be able to give a STARS talk to your sponsor.
  • Positive Feedback from Sponsor is required. (You MUST complete the sponsor form and let SPP Sponsor know via Meetup messaging PRIOR to attending each event who your sponsor is.)



To move to L4 you must complete:

  • Be current on your dues
  • Have volunteered at or hosted multiple events
  • Attend events regularly, especially lower level events where you act as a supporter and encourager of newer members
  • Have sponsored one or more people (suggested but not necessary)
  • Be good at STARS talk
  • Ask for it by contacting CEO Evelin Dacker or SPP Membership. The Membership Committee will either grant the status or make other recommendations

L3 & L4 Maintenance

  • Be current on your dues
  • Volunteer at or host an event at any level at least once per year
  • Attend events at your level within your initial six months and once per year thereafter
  • Volunteer at or host at least one event at your level within the initial six months and once per year thereafter.