Event Accounting Instructions

Please fill out a separate form for each event and put money, receipts and form into an envelope with the event title on the front.

The printable form can be found here

List the Date and Day of the Week (Mon-Sun) of the event. List the Event title as listed in Meet-up. $$$ Collected is the total amount of cash. PayPal Collected is the amount paid via PayPal. Expenses are the expenses for the event (food, coffee, tea, oil, etc.). Please include receipts for any expenses. Facilitator Name is particularly important for outside facilitators. $ to Facilitator documents what we are paying for them to present. Core classes (Awesome Boundaries, STARS, Orientation and Socials) should still have facilitator names even though they are not compensated.

Contact Name and Number is the person who filled out the form and their phone number in case there are questions.

Thanks for your service! It helps SPP to track finances.

If your event is not at the center, you will be able to find this form on our website soon. Paper forms are necessary for bookkeeping, so if you use the website form, please print it out.

Money should generally be taken to the lock box at the center. If you need to mail it or turn it in some other way, please contact Walker at 206-719-8102.

If you are facilitating an event or hosting for an outside facilitator, please go to Meetup for that event after the event is over and make sure attendance is correct. If someone shows up who was not registered or who registered as a +1 as a member, you can search them and add them to the event.

As an SPP-member facilitator, you can claim 60% of the take after expenses from a non-core event. If an outside facilitator is brought in, they can take up to 70% of the take. Core events include Awesome Boundaries, STARS, Coffee Socials, Wine Socials and Orientation.

Hosts can take money to cover costs of cleaning and food or other incidental costs of putting on an event.

The printable form can be found here

Thanks for keeping our community financially viable!