Event Accounting

Collecting Money for the Event

At this time only PayPal at SexPositivePDX@gmail.com is accepted. If you want to have prepayment at your event, please clear this by the Programming Director before creating the draft. Events open to the public will be directed to pay through our website. Please discuss this with the Programming Director prior to creating the event.

Complete the Event Finance Form

  1. You must complete this form online. Here is the link
  2. You can complete a paper form for yourself, found at the Center, but take it with you to complete the online form.
  3. Send expense receipts in an envelope (can leave at the center) or email photos of receipts to Jeff.
  4. If you need to be reimbursed for expenses notify our Treasurer.

What to Do With the Money

  1. After the money has been reconciled, 40% needs to be sent to SPP via the Events PayPal account: SexPositivePDX@gmail.com.
    1. Write the name and date of the event in Memos.
    2. DO NOT SEND ANY DUES MONEY to this PayPal account.
  2. If you do not want to send money via PayPal, please reach out to Event Org Liaison to help figure out another method. This could include:
    1. Arranging a time to meet with Jeff Crowl
    2. Mailing a check to: PO Box 5861, Portland, OR 97228

Dues Payments

If people want to pay you their dues in cash, it is up to you to whether accept it. If you do please either:

  1. Send it to the Dues PayPal account at spp@sppdx.org.
    1. Do NOT include it with the event money.
    2. Please write their name in the memo section and have them notify Amy in membership.
  2. Encourage them to do it directly at https://www.sexpositiveportland.org/dues.