Member Communication Agreement

Because we are in community and are actively creating a culture of care, confidentiality and consent, when disagreements arise we deal with them swiftly, open heartedly and maturely. To foster a loving and drama-free environment, we agree to the following:

  • All communications are voluntary and consensual (meaning free of coercion, harassment, or pressure).
  • We will directly communicate with members that we need to resolve issues.
  • We will seek assistance to help us directly communicate with others if needed. We will do this by contacting SPP Concerns.
  • We will not talk negatively about each other, participate in gossip, repeat hearsay, or build coalitions to gain support against other members.
  • We will strive to remain open to constructive criticism, thanking people who bring us direct feedback.
  • SPP social media forums, such as the private SPP Facebook group and the Meetup event group discussions are not an arena to air grievances or concerns about a specific person. ALL such posts will be removed by the Administrator or moderator. Any person who posts such items will be directed to submit their concerns to the MCCC via SPP Concerns.
  • As much as possible, we agree to talk about and listen through issues in a constructive and caring manner.
  • We will avoid using blaming language or language that includes a diagnosis of someone else. We strive to talk from our own observations of what happened, how that affected us, and to say how we wish to be treated in the future.
  • Other than speaking briefly to another member to help clarify our own thoughts and feelings or speaking to the facilitator or host of the event where the conflict or concern happened, we will not share our concerns about other members, including Leadership and Board members, outside of the MCCC.
  • Concerns that cannot be well-addressed directly by the parties involved can be directed to the MCCC via SPP Concerns.
  • If neccesary, please complete the Member Incident Report.
  • If one party is unable to be present at a mediation, for whatever reason, they should send a letter outlining their position; and it will be taken under consideration. However, we strongly desire that members be present unless it would be grievously injurious to them (i.e., more than uncomfortable or inconvenient).
  • All forms and concerns will be filed for future reference.
  • Members will be advised of the Leadership decisions and agree to abide by them or leave the group.
  • We know that perfect solutions are hard to come by, so we agree to be as forgiving and understanding as possible, both with the people involved and the people assisting in any conflict resolution.