Care And Confidentiality Commitment

Care includes: safer sex knowledge and practice, hygiene, substantial sobriety, disclosing relationship agreements, discussing “meaning,” RSVP practices and more.

Confidentiality includes: privacy, photo policy, non-disclosure, and more.

To keep our group safe and harmonious, please confirm the following statements:

  • I’m over 21 years of age.
  • I know how to do the safer sex talk and will use it when appropriate.
  • I will ask others about their STI status when appropriate and will take care of myself.
  • I will come to events clean and substantially free of odors, both natural and enhanced (some people are allergic and/or intolerant of essential oils, perfumes, and colognes)
  • I will arrive and remain substantially sober for the purposes of being able to 1) give affirmative consent, 2) be present and connected, and 3) not be annoying to others
  • I will disclose my relationship agreements to fellow members and allow them to decide how to proceed.
  • I will share what the “meaning” of an interaction would be for me if it is of significance to me and will ask you for yours (if this makes no sense, see Safer Sex Talk).
  • I will clearly communicate my boundaries and will ask for and respect others' boundaries.
  • I take responsibility for my own experience and will not “tolerate” experiences I don’t’ like. I will seek help from a care counselor if needed, will share concerns about other members/volunteers/ leaders with a member of the Membership Committee, and will follow the Steps to Resolving Conflicts as outline in the document of the same name, found on the Pages section of our Meetup page.
  • I’ll take care of fellow members by offering assistance when they seem stuck, lost, lonely, when I see them violating boundaries or allowing their boundaries to be violated.
  • I will not divulge the identity of other attendees or share their experience without their express permission. Not to another person, not on Facebook, not on their Meetup wall.
  • I will not take photos at events without permission from BOTH leadership and the individuals being photographed.